Advice for young investors

When youngsters start to work, they accumulate money on their bank account. They often don’t know what to do with it and decide to put it on the savings account until they have enough to buy something expensive like a car, house,... Probably, they think about investing part of it, but it’s difficult to know how to start. They should know that personal circumstances of young investors allow them to take more risks as they encounter less fixed costs compared to adults with children and a house. This gives them more time to recover if investments do not start like expected.

August 25, 2022
Economics and Finance

Combine your imagination with objective facts

As young investor, you face a continuously evolving world that offers thousands of investment opportunities you may benefit from. Try to find categories of products or services from which you think they will still have an added value in the future. Think about things you like as matching your interests and investments allows you to generate better understanding about specific topics. Find businesses that create these products and compare them with each other based on objective data. Which categories have most potential for continuously stable growth?

Build a concrete investment plan

Once you know what you are interested to buy, you can start building up your investment plan that gives a clear overview of the diversification of your assets. You need to find a good balance between different regional and sectorial activities for your potential portfolio. Depending of the type of risk profile, savings need to be spread on multiple investment products with different levels of volatility. Additionally, an investment plan also states the investment goals of an investor. You need to understand why you want to invest your savings and what you want to reach with it. Determine multiple investment goals that fit with your strategy in order to understand when you should buy or sell your investments.  

Right transactions at the right moment

Young investors have more time to benefit from their investments on the long run. More time allows more spread between your transactions, but you don’t have to split this equally. A good strategy buys periodically in times of recession and sells during economic expansion. This way you benefit from the market conditions which are not under your control. Keep track of your investments and don’t hesitate to take some profits when the market allows it as it may counter quickly.

At Green investor, one of the reasons for our personal approach is that everybody’s knowledge & preferences are different and needs to be analyzed before investing. Together, we create an investment plan based on the risk profile & investment goals of each investor. We support people to keep track of their investment plan and adapt if necessary. This means that we help them to execute the right transactions at the right moment in order to benefit from profitable savings.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to benefit from our help!

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