What is the added value of a green investor?

In January 2022 Belgian inflation rate reached 7.92% while meantime household income did not follow this increase. Consequently, people’s purchasing power decreases and the gap between rich and poor becomes larger.

February 14, 2022
Economics and Finance

The government does not seem to find an immediate solution to solve this problem and that’s where we come in as green investor. Our goal is to protect people from the negative sides of our current economy by giving people access to investment opportunities.

We see green as positivity, this applies for your portfolio and our society. During our investments, we especially focus on sustainable businesses, which implies that they have following characteristics:

-  Environmentally friendly in all business processes

-  Positive contribution to society

-  Ethical and responsible management

This applies for public companies and all other organizations such as a soccer clubs or crypto creators. If a business ignores these sustainable characteristics, it will lose its competitive advantage and it will not be able to follow its competitors who care about these topics.

Additionally, we want to clarify that investing is not only for people with a large capital. You can easily save small monthly amounts that can make a significant difference in the long run. Let's say you save 25€ every month, which is equal to 300€ per year. The graph below compares yearly savings of 300€ with investing 300€ per year in MSCI World SRI, a global fund that mainly invests in sustainable products. These data show us that if you started investing in 2008, you would have accumulated a surplus of almost 7000€ compared to your savings account. It also shows us that the longer you keep investing, the larger the gap between your investments return & your savings account.

Graph: savings vs investments

High costs of certain financial institutions make it seem unprofitable for the small investors to start investing, so they choose to put their savings on the "free" savings account. Nowadays, these savings accounts barely yield anything, while in the meantime all prices are rising. Through our partners, we want to make it possible for the small investor to invest without high costs. This can be done in several ways, depending on what type of investor you are.

Lastly, we want to share our knowledge and experience with our community to keep everyone updated about relevant opportunities and threats. Analyzing investments is very time consuming and asks for a certain level of financial knowledge. This is where we jump in as green investor. We share our analyses and opinions with our community in order tokeep everybody aware about the current risks and opportunities. This way, green investors mainly receive relevant information to prepare their investments.

Concrete, you can also become a green investor who benefits from social evolutions. We support you through your investment process and introduce you to the new way of savings. Unlike large financial institutions, we focus on a personal approach for each green investor and we offer the possibility to manage your portfolio yourself. We share relevant data among green investors to guide people in the right direction of sustainable investments, but it is the personal interests of each gree ninvestor that will ultimately determine your personal investment model.

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