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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to connect people with financial markets where they may benefit from market opportunities. Our focus relies on sustainable investments in the traditional market, but as innovative entrepreneurs we also invest in blockchain solutions.


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Green Investor
Our Mission
Provide transparent access to sustainable  opportunities for all our investors. Via our company, we want to make investing accessible, understandable and beneficial for everybody.
Green Investor
Our Vision

Empower and guide people who want to improve their savings while contributing to a sustainable world.

Green Investor
We aim to search for win-win situations. Win for the client’s portfolio by looking for positive returns and win for our environment as we focus on socially responsible industries with a positive impact for the future. At the green investor, we create long term relations with our investors by focussing on following 5 principles:

Our 5 principles:

1. Corporate social responsibility
The green investor looks for investments that are in line with the principles of responsible investments. These criteria help us to make corporate social responsible investments where our investors may benefit from. Additionally, within our business we strongly rely on corporate responsible practices in order to benefit from competitive advantages.
2. Accessible for everybody
With the support of our financial knowledge, we want to give everybody understandable access to financial markets. With today’s technology, investors have the possibility to easily access investment data to monitor their performance. We especially focus on user-friendly rapports which are understandable and accessible for everybody.
3. Transparency & honesty
We rely on transparency towards our clients and partners to empower long-term relations of trust. Additionally, partners and investors need to be honest about their data as this stimulates coherent investments. According to our business philosophy, it is important that investors know where they invest their money, more specifically, they need to know how they can support the way towards a sustainable economy.
4. Fundamental and technical analysis
Our analysis of potential investments is based on strict conditions where the business relies on. A good investment analysis is our key to success. We want to maximize the positive return opportunities of our investors and at the same time we need to minimize the risk to generate losses. The fundamental and technical analysis is based on multiple criteria that are reviewed periodically and adapted if necessary.
5. Minimize fees and maximize trust
In today’s investment environment, we observe all kinds of fees with a negative impact on an investor's return. For green investors, fees are minimized as the business generates value with an alternative strategy. We allow investments in our company and these investments are used to create strong positions in our partners and short-term trades in anticipation of investment trends. This strategy enforces the company to continuously search for better investment opportunities and manage the according risks properly.